10 drug free ways to avoid back pain

10 Drug-Free Ways to Banish Back Pain


Since most people spend a good portion of the day doing strenuous activities, back pain is inevitable. While taking medications for is an easy method to get rid of the pain, it does not do any good to your liver in the long run.

A few natural ways to get rid of back pain have been listed as follows:

1. Make use of heat or cold therapy
Heat therapy will ensure that blood flow is stimulated and pain messages are not sent to the brain. On the other hand, cold therapy acts as a local anesthesia and also decreases inflammation. You can choose to take a bath in the cold or hot water. Otherwise, you could put the water in a water bag and apply it to the desired area.

2. Always maintain a good posture
Your back pain might be the result of a strain that has been building up for years, or the wrong posture you used during your workout session at the gym. A bad posture is one of the most common reasons behind back aches. Hence, you should always keep an eye on your posture, whether you are working in front of a computer, eating, or even going for a jog.

3. Do not rest for long periods of time
Studies and polls show that people who rest for long periods of time are the ones who often have a back ache. Therefore, definitely avoid staying in bed for a long time; get up and get work done here and there. Also, always remember to stretch – it feels incredible and helps your bones get a break from sitting or standing in one place for a long time.

4. Visit a doctor or specialist
While some people just need an exercise routine, others only require some flexibility. Seeing a specialist would ensure what exactly is best for the betterment of your back. If you happen to have chronic lower back pain, you must see a doctor to discuss natural methods of eliminating the pain.

5. Shed some weight
If you have some extra weight on you, you are only putting extra stress on your body. That will eventually lead to back ache. The best thing you could do is reduce your BMI and stick to a diet plan that works best for you. This way, you will not accumulate any extra weight in any area of your body. If you happen to be someone who has belly fat, the chances of a bad back ache are higher for you. Often, it has been seen that a patient who has been battling back aches for years was able to achieve a lot, only by the help of losing a few kilograms or pounds. As a matter of fact, these patients find the help that several medicines, pills and vitamins could not provide them with for a long time.

It must be kept in mind that consulting a dietician or a personal trainer would do one wonders, as they know exactly what someone’s body can endure. Additionally, their tips and guidelines will make sure that you shed the weight and keep the pounds off permanently.

6. Find a way to release your endorphins
Endorphins are hormones that occur naturally in your body that aid in blocking pain signals from reaching your brain. Endorphins could definitely help eliminate any kinds of stress of depression, both of which have been strongly connected to severe and long term back pain. Hence, you should work with whatever ways help you release more endorphins. In other words, find things that make you happy and spend time indulging in those. For example, if you absolutely love spending time with your family, do remember to spend some quality time with them every day.

7. Get yourself a glass of milk
Everybody, especially women should have a good amount of calcium in their diet. Milk has plenty of calcium that will aid in building stronger bones, all while preventing problems such as osteoporosis. Since women are at a higher risk of developing bone-related problems, they must be careful at all times.

8. Do some light exercising, body work or yoga
Yoga has several elements that promote elimination of back pain. For instance, the effective breathing involved in yoga is said to cause an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes back pain to subside at one point, along with helping with tension release. Yoga does well in raising body awareness, unwinding and fixing myofascial imbalances and even improving the overall movement of the diaphragm, which promotes better breathing.

Physical therapy or even chiropractic are just some of the options available in the bodywork department that can increase flexibility, body awareness and even overall coordination. The movements in these practices are not sudden, random or capable of flaring an injury. Instead, postures and alignments of different parts of the body are made better due to these kinds of bodywork.

Whether one wishes to take a mat out to their favorite spot or just work out in the confinements of their room, some gentle exercises could help them with your back pain. Some stretches and an easy walk will go a long way. There is no need to push oneself to try to cover a very long path or to walk till their limbs are sore. Some light biking or jogging seem like other great options for gentle exercising. It is best to consult a doctor before one executes their exercise plans, just in case they are about to take a wrong step.

9. Make use of some natural supplements
There are certain creams and gels that can be applied right over the area of the back pain, such as arnica cream and gel. Experts state that the perfect natural supplements to help eliminate back ache are as follows: magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, glucosamine and flaxseed oil. When taken in the right quantities, these could effectively reduce the pain you are going through.

10. Indulge in some aquatic therapy
This is an intriguing way of getting rid of back ache; all you need to do is enjoy some exercises done in a warm, cozy and therapeutic pool. The buoyancy of the water of the pool promotes strengthening muscles and removing all stress and tension from them. The heat and movement from the water ensures better blood circulation in the body, along with relaxation of the body’s muscles. As a result, you find yourself getting the perfect treat for your sore joints and spots.

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