Keeping a Training Log


Keeping a Training Log

You can chase your fitness goals more effectively by keeping a training log, forget about supplements and sophisticated fitness gears. You will surely get more out of a training log as it will keep you organized and well informed about your fitness regime. Here are a few ways in which a training log helps you.

Keep You Honest

Often times it happens that people enter the gym or start to work out without a clear plan of what they want to do. It is something very common- finding people lazing around and dillydallying before they finally sneak out of the gym. Writing down one’s fitness regime helps people to stay honest and perform all the different exercises without calling it a day.

It Will Inspire You

When you go through your log and see all the times you have worked out longer and faster than you thought it was possible, a deep calm will settle in you automatically. It will make you more ambitious to set up realistic goals that will ultimately lead you to what you desire. The goals can be short term ones or big long term ones.

Your tired legs are the best proof that you have worked hard. But sometimes it is better to keep those days documented so that when you are doubtful about yourself, you can go through the log for yourself and feel the surge of confidence rise through your body.

You Will Discover a Pattern

If you note all your workouts, diets, rests, etc. you will eventually come across a pattern. From these patterns, you will understand that on some days you have worked out like Thor would, while on others you have done nothing but kick around. Try to look into these patterns skeptically, this way you can voluntarily create a pattern in which the days of beastly workout sessions are more.

Do You Work Harder

From the human nature, it can be understood that no one likes to write a bad review of themselves. When you have a poor workout session, you’ll loathe putting it down on your log. You’ll have the yearning to write a good one, which might eventually boost your performance the other days.

Many athletes often publish their training logs online, so that they can stay accountable to themselves. When you keep a log, you are keeping descriptions of all the times that you have spent working out. You don’t want all these moments to be useless. Therefore, keeping a log also means that no one deserves the rewards of the hard works more than you. And there’s also no one else to blame if you fall hard.

A Record of Achieving Success

It is your blueprint for success. If you extract great results from your training, then that training log of yours will count as a list of your success tactics. Suppose that you have achieved great success working out in a particular way, then there’s a strong possibility that you will be able to do it again following the same regimen. Moreover, your written notes might someday help someone else out.

It’s a Teaching Tool

Writing down things, in general, is a very powerful learning tool; it helps you to remember better. When you write down about a workout session, you think about it and analyze it. Such spontaneous acts ingrain the information deep into your brain. And even if you don’t remember a particular aspect of the regimen, you can always consult your written documents.

Prevents Injury

If ever fall prey to an injury from a particular session, you look at your training log and analyze what went wrong. You can identify the reason behind the unprecedented injury. It would be easy to find out if you had previously ignored the signs of injury, or started doing something for which you weren’t ready. Everything would be there in your log, nicely jotted down.

It’s never too late to keep a log. You’ll surely be amazed by how much more you can achieve by simply keeping a sincere log.

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