what are democratic presidential candidates promising federal employees

What are Democratic Presidential Candidates Promising Federal Employees?


Democratic presidential candidates are buzzing around the country speaking to key groups and trying to sway individuals into supporting his or her campaign. One hot target group in 2016 is federal employees. What are these politicians promising federal employees to encourage them to vote in their favor?

Secretary Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton has been involved in federal government affairs for over 20 years. She has worn many different hats, from former first lady to the secretary of state. Unlike her opponent Bernie Sanders, who has jumped from an Independent socialist senator to a Democratic presidential candidate, Mrs. Clinton has established a name for herself in the federal arena.

Clinton has stated to a union audience that if elected, she would cut 500,000 private contracting jobs in her first term. She didn’t mention if any of the federal contractors would be replaced by different federal employees who might become union members if they were switched to federal workers.

She is also in favor of paid parental leave for all federal employees and she actively supports the rights of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender federal employees. Although there is some indication that her efforts were not always wholehearted.

Senator Sanders
Bernie Sanders was the unknown, underdog when he started his campaign. Now we know that Sanders is the Independent Vermont Senator who is out to beat Hillary in the presidential race. He has promised to do a better job than any other candidate of promoting federal employees.

Although Clinton has many federal union supporters, not all of them are in her corner. Bernie Sanders is popular with the American Postal Works Union. He consistently favors positions that will potentially expand government and jobs that favor federal employees. Sanders strongly supports postal workers and their jobs, he has stated he wants to improve the quality of a service that has impacted the lives of U.S. citizens for more than two decades.

Senator Sanders has also worked to halt proposals to lower the COLA inflation calculation for retirees’ annuities. He has stood behind legislation to give federal employee retirees the chance to use a tax deduction on their government health insurance.

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