3 healthy habits you can act on today

3 Healthy Habits You Can Act On Today


How you go about maintaining your health is important, especially while we’re in the season where most tend to catch a cold or get sick. Here’s a list of 3 good and healthy habits that you can start today to make sure your health is always at its best:

  • Drink More Water

You’ve heard that drinking water is good for you, but did you know that water makes up a large percentage of your body? It makes up at least 60%! The water in your body functions in different ways, from digestion and blood circulation, to maintaining your natural body temperature. Drinking water can replace any fluids that you’ve lost throughout the day from performing these functions as well as keep you hydrated. Water can also make you feel full, so by drinking a glass of water before you eat, you can prevent yourself from overeating when you’re hungry. It also promotes a higher metabolism!

  • Watch What You Eat

Try to be more involved in the decisions you make when it comes to your food. When you’re at the grocery store, for example, don’t just pick out easy frozen dinners, or boxed meals. Try to at least prepare one nutrition-packed home-cooked meal every now and then. At home, choose the apple over the chips once in a while. If you’re eating out for dinner, pick something like a soup or salad for your appetizer instead of fried pickles. Small changes like this will really make a difference for your health in the long run.

  • Start a (Reasonable) Workout Routine

Now, we’re not saying you should go all out by exercising at least a full hour every day, but it will do your body and health good to do a consistent workout routine. You can even integrate it into your everyday life to make it feel less like a workout. For example, you could either go jogging every weekend, or run down to your friend’s house around the block instead of driving. If you live in a further area where the latter isn’t exactly possible, try jogging from your front door to your mailbox when you check the mail. By starting small, you won’t even notice that you’re putting your body to much needed work.

By acting on these healthy habits, you can give your body and health the love it truly deserves!

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