4 Easy Ways to Avoid Eye Strain at Your Desk Job


This generation finds that most students and working people find themselves in front of a computer everyday for longer than 2-3 hours. While this might help us get our work done, it certainly leaves an impact on our eyesight. Many of these people end up suffering from a condition that is recognized as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). A number of polls and studies lead us to believe that visual issues occur in up to 50 to 90% individuals who work with computers. Some of the common symptoms of this problem include strain on the eyes and redness of the eyes.

A few decent ways to reduce strain on the eyes have been stated and described below:

1. Make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam
The NIOSH (The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) has recommended that all computer users get their eyes checked on a yearly basis, along with getting them checked before they start a job where they are required to stay in front of a computer for long hours. More than 70% of the people who complain of Computer Vision Syndrome are known to wear contact lenses or spectacles. Therefore, it is crucial that your optometrist picks up any changes undergone by your eyes due to the excessive computer use.

When you visit your doctor, make sure to describe your work setup and pattern to him/her. This gives them an idea of the extent to which your eyes receive strain. Also, it helps them figure out what would be best for the betterment of your eyes. It is important that you measure and get an estimate of the distance between you and your computer screen, and let your optometrist know about it.

There are several kinds of tests that you will come across in the comprehensive eye exam, some of which are: color blindness test, ocular motility test, visual acuity test, cover test, and many more. Each checks a different aspect and will be crucial in deciding the overall health of your eyes.

2. Reduce the glare of your computer
This is quite simple – installing an anti-glare screen on your computer could massively reduce the strain that falls upon your eyes. You could also dust your computer every now and then, since a dirty screen would mean focusing harder while working. Additionally, you could paint the white walls a darker shade. Make sure that this paint has a matte finish – that will not give a glossy, shiny effect on the computer. If you think that the outside light cannot be reduced anyhow, you could consider building a computer hood. If you someone who wears glasses, you could purchase a pair that makes use of an anti-reflective coating.

3. Make sure to blink quite often
This has to be the easiest way to eliminate or reduce eye strain. Staring at a computer screen for too long could make your eyes dry, which is why you must blink frequently.This is because the tears that coat our eyelids evaporate quite fast, the longer our eyes are open.

Apparently, humans only blink one third as often as they normally do, when they are working in front of a computer. While you might think that you definitely blink enough, experts state that most of the so-called blinks we take are only partially closed eyelids. And unfortunately, partially closed eyelids will not do the trick.

If you think that the dryness of your eyes is evident, you can always speak to your doctor about artificial tears. Furthermore, do not forget to take breaks in-between work to give your eyes some free time.

4. Have your fill of your vitamins and consider eyewear
Vitamins A, B complex, C and E could certainly keep your eyes healthy and decrease the eye strain as well. You could also take zinc supplements along with the vitamins. The aforementioned vitamins have plenty of anti-oxidants that help maintain your eyes.

If you are having trouble maintaining your vision, you can always see your optometrist and get yourself a pair of customized glasses.

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