5 Summer workouts that are actually fun to do

5 Summer Workouts that are Actually Fun to Do


Summer is finally here! There is a deep romantic bonding between summer and the outdoors. Summer calls for more than just a verbal praise or gleefully peering outside through the window. This season motivates us to go outside and embrace what feels like a fleeting moment of perfect weather. Switch your workouts from inside to outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather and some outdoor activities that go with it. For some outdoor workout inspiration, take a look at the five alternative activities mentioned below.

Outdoor Yoga

Take your yoga sessions outdoors. Yoga has always been known to be a stress-reliever; also take into account the facts that it improves your memory, relieves chronic pain, and even helps you get a better night’s rest. By taking the yoga outside, you are not only feeding your skin with more vitamin D, but also making way for a greater calm to settle deep inside of you.

Beach Jogging

If you live close to the beach, you are luckier than most people. Don’t just dillydally under the cool shade of an umbrella, take advantage of the sun and sand by jogging along the shoreline. Use this opportunity to take your regular jogging to a new level. It’s said that by running on the sand you burn 30% more calories than during a session on a typical terrain. The added effort you put in will strengthen your calves and ankles, reducing your risk of impact injuries.

Beach running can prove to be a challenging task, especially when one runs across deep sand. When you are running on the beach, protection from the sun is a must. The heat radiating from the sun and the added reflection from the water is enough for anyone to wear an adequate amount of sunscreen. In addition to that, you can focus on your run better while wearing a hat and sunglasses.

This form of exercising is beneficial for those who need more resistance within their work out routine without doing so much heavy lifting. After your tiring run, you have the added luxury of jumping into the ocean and cooling down.

Hula Hooping

Exercise doesn’t always have to be so serious! If you have children or a bigger family that are always looking for a recreational way to spend more time together, this is simple. Buy a couple of hula hoops and encourage your family to join in a silly session of hula hooping. You can even get competitive about it, by looking for who juggles their hoop the longest.

It is a fun way of keeping kids active without forcing them, all the while burning a lot of calories. Don’t mistake it for a child’s toy, it has proven time and time again to be effective in helping adults to lose their weight and tone their body. After a long day of lazing at your desk, hula hooping can give strength to and tighten around thirty core muscles.


Take leave from the mundane corporate world and go for an exhilarating hike outdoors. Hiking makes you use almost every muscle in your body, while also aiding in heart disease prevention and lowering blood pressure. On top of those health benefits, nothing beats the fresh air that you breathe and the aesthetic beauty will no doubt reduce your anxiety.

Rock Climbing

If you’re an adrenaline junkie this is something you have to try this summer! By rock climbing you will test your boundaries and take your workout sessions to the next level. Rock climbing is a great way to work out your entire body and it enhances your muscle tonnage if you do it often enough. Plus, you will be faced with scenarios where you have to calculate your next move, the higher you climb, the more you enhance your natural skills along the way.

According to a study by Indiana University, it has been found that people when climbing rocks get into a trance, this can create euphoria and act as a barrier for pain. Other than this there are several benefits that climbing shares with other activities, such as the fact that it reduces stress levels.

Head outside with the sunshine on your shoulders and try out all these workouts. Just remember to stay adequately hydrated and apply sunblock to your skin.

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