6 best green vegetables for protein smoothies

6 Best Green Vegetables for Protein Smoothies


If you’re reading this, you probably enjoy eating green vegetables. But, for those who still have a distaste towards green vegetables, you should keep reading. Remember the old days, when our mothers would literally force us to eat green vegetables? They weren’t the best tasting part of dinner, but our mothers made us eat them anyway. This is because they were well acquainted with the advantages of eating green vegetables. That was the sole reason they chose to feed us vegetables even though we didn’t enjoy eating them.

Another thing I might like to add is that it’s very good for pregnant women. Again, it helps one look younger. Maintaining health is the main thing that green vegetables do. It has low carbohydrates and fats. It even makes our bones stronger and our eyesight sharper. So, it definitely deserves a place in your diet plan.
Well, I guess I have said enough about the importance of green vegetables. Since I have justified the basis of this article, trust me you will be more than happy to read ahead.

Green vegetables and smoothies are meant to go together. In fact, in this hot summer time, a tall, cool glass of protein smoothie made out of your favorite greens is just about the best thing you can drink. Nutrition, chemical balance, overall health, and flavor: you can get everything from green smoothies. Below are some of the best vegetables to choose for your protein smoothie.

  • Spinach Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables that exist. Consisting of about twenty different nutrients, this wondrous green can improve vision, decrease blood pressure, resist inflammation, provide vitality, boost cardiovascular functions, and so much more. Additionally, if you suffer from hair fall, spinach can also be your best friend. Spinach smoothies are among the most popular of its kind, and why would it not be, when you can get about four different vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, niacin, and protein all in one juicy blended taste?The cartoon character Popeye was definitely not wrong when he ate spinach to become stronger and to beat his enemies. My special thanks to the director of that cartoon who actually introduced spinach among young children, at the best place possible.
  • Beet greens These are similar to spinach, but are especially helpful in improving the condition of the skin and bones. It consists of a variety of vitamins and can help reduce eye diseases. Its selection of manganese, copper and iron can greatly strengthen the body, and the leaves taste mild when blended with fruits like apples and figs. Surprisingly, beet greens taste great when churned with chocolate as well.
  • Bok choy Belonging to the same family as cabbage, this leafy amazement is packed to the brim with Vitamin A, C and K, as well as a lot of folate. All of these contribute to a better immunity against diseases, as well as boosted bone density. Even though bok choy tastes bitter, a combination of it with strawberries and pears can create a delicious protein smoothie.
  • Romaine lettuce This vegetable is one of a kind, in the sense that it can go with any fruit to provide a nutritious and refreshing green smoothie. Full of phosphorus, zinc, potassium, Vitamin A and many more, this lettuce is crisp to eat and mild to taste, especially when blended. Its flavor is easy to chow down, so is recommended for those just starting out with protein smoothies.
  • Arugula While not known as much as other vegetables in this list, this leafy marvel is an excellent tool against cancer. Its antioxidant properties make it a great choice to put in a smoothie, though the bitterness has to be remedied by the addition of citrus fruits and cherries. Its high calcium value also solidifies it as one of the best green vegetables for protein smoothies.

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