HUGE (Health Under Government Employment) magazine was a created as the main resource for government and union employees. HUGE is actively involved in workplace wellness and keeping workers educated on what their work environment should be like and what they can do to better their experience. Our experience is in our writing and we strive to provide insight and advice to government workers by producing articles relevant to their struggles, rights, wellness and daily lives.

By promoting health and wellness, we believe the workplace becomes a more cohesive and efficient place because if the workforce is happy, the workplace prospers and the cycle continues. Our mission is to provide a central point of contact for government employeesand credible information they need to experience motivation and efficiency within the workplace and take advantage of what their work status provides.

Quality Publication

HUGE Magazine is a high quality publication that is for and about today’s government employees and their health and wellness. The magazine which is revised and published quarterly and is distributed complimentary to federal employees offers informative and pertinent information relating to their health, wellness and performance on and off the job.

The printed magazine is an 8 ½ X 11 publication printed on a coated enamel stock. The visual appeal of the magazine makes accessory to your coffee table, as well as provide thousands of readers with dependable content and stories for their monthly reading.


HUGE Magazine is a government health and wellness culture that is locally focused on how workers can foster this in their work environment. We keep government employees informed on their work rights and benefits, policies, healthy lifestyle tips, events and educational information about situations that are happening in their area that will positively affect their work experience.


HUGE Magazine only features articles with the highest level of integrity and credibility in their specific field. Our readers use HUGE Magazine as their resource for finding insightful information published by experts to help them with their day to day lives and circumstances within the workplace as well as outside of it. The HUGE Magazine writers have been vetted as reaching the professional quality ideals that we have established for this publication.


HUGE Magazine hard copy is mailed complimentary and is also available and can also be sent online to government employees.

Steve Levine

Executive Publisher of Huge Magazine

Steve Levine has more than 30 years experience in publishing, advertising and advertising sales. He founded the Metro Houston Apartment Guide, The Jacksonville Communities Guide and Perfect Wedding Guides. Steve was also directly responsible for the meteoric growth of publications such as Real Estate Executive and Homes & Land Magazine.

Steve brings to Small Business Today Magazine a network of business contacts and a level of product excellence not matched by many other publications. Steve has been featured in “Who’s Who in Sales & Marketing” and “Who’s Who” in Professional Speaking”.Steve’s business expertise in providing cost efficient results and a reputation for excellence to every publication and project that he is involved with will be visible in every issue of Small Business Today Magazine.