Advances in Healthcare


Technology advances in health care allow medical professionals to do their job much more effectively and to help their patients even more. While there are many new healthcare technology advances in the works, here are some of the most exciting:

Artificial Intelligence

While still in its infancy, there are many components that can partially use AI tech. For example, using AI to schedule appointments based on how severe the symptoms are which can minimize the staff needed for that task and let them focus on other important tasks. AI can also monitor patients and let a nurse or doctor know when a patient’s set of parameters are out of control.

Internet of Medical Things

This technological advance in health care is kind of like a social network for your health and the health of your loved ones. It allows data to be shared across multiple platforms and tabulated together to allow the patient and those the patient allow to see the updates. This can be as simple as pulling data from a device such as a Fitbit, but can also be used for additional medical devices that monitor. This allows the patient to open an app and see all their vitals in real time and make sure all looks as it should.

Centralized Monitoring of Hospital Patients

Alarm fatigue is a huge issue and hazard in hospitals. The constant sound of alarms can desensitize staff members since 90% of all hospital alarms are not actionable. This can lead to alarms being inadvertently ignored and a reported 44% of in-patient cardiac arrest patients not being attended to properly. Centralized monitoring gives a needed second set of eyes and allows for better healthcare to be offered from a distance since it allows them to interact with the caregivers on site in real time.

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