Quality Publication

HUGE Magazine publishes quality articles and interviews of successful business owners that educate, inform and inspire small business owners to achieve their desired level of success. Now is a great time to be in business for yourself and that message is relayed to our readers by showing them just how many resources exist to assist every government worker in getting the absolute most from their employment.

The printed magazine features an 8 ½ X 11 book with glossy UV coated covers and heavy stock inner pages. The visual appeal of the magazine makes accessory to your coffee table, as well as provide thousands of readers with dependable content and stories their monthly reading.


HUGE Magazine is a government health and wellness culture that is locally focused on how workers can foster this in their work environment. We keep government employees informed on their work rights and benefits, policies, healthy lifestyle tips, events and educational information about situations that are happening in their area that will positively affect their work experience.


HUGE Magazine only features articles with the highest level of integrity and credibility in their specific field. Our readers use HUGE Magazine as their resource for finding insightful information published by experts to help them with their day to day lives and circumstances within the workplace as well as outside of it.The HUGE Magazine writers have been vetted as reaching the professional quality ideals that we have established for this publication.


HUGE Magazine is distributed online to government employees. Our print publication is disseminated throughout specific sites in the city and is obtainable for paid subscriptions if the reader would prefer a hard copy of the print magazine mailed to them every month.

We Become Your Media Partner

HUGE Magazine is a publication unique to government employees while also holding advertisement potential for external businesses. When you advertise with HUGE Magazine, we directly play an active role in the achievement of your business, product or service by creating more value to your advertising dollars.