Bullet Journaling for Your Mind


It is tough to remember everything on our plates and keep important dates organized. Many of us juggle several different scheduling systems such as a physical calendar, an electronic scheduler, post-it notes, phone reminders and an appointment book. We have information and alerts set up everywhere, and sometimes we still forget events or deadlines. Even if all these notes are organized, there is too much information all around. It is very chaotic. Luckily, there is a better way with bullet journaling.

What Is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal makes all these other organization methods obsolete. You create your own customized calendar that includes everything you need. No more notes everywhere and pop-up alerts. One journal conveniently stores all your daily to-dos.

You can craft your personal journal however you please and adjust it to suit your style. It can be heavily ornamented with drawings, crazy colors, or fancy lettering, or very simple. Do not get deterred by the vast array of pages and creations posted online. A bullet journal is very customizable and suitable for all.

Benefits of Bullet Journaling

Everything you need to remember can be written down in a bullet journal. Reminders, tasks, appointments, events, and anything else of importance can be added. The goal of bullet journaling is to create a calendar each new day. This will always allow enough space to include all the items you need to write down. Since every day is different, the space requirement varies from day to day.

No two notebooks are created equal. Bullet journaling is very personal and completely different for each user. A friend or co-worker with a similar job or lifestyle can put together something totally unlike yours. The process clears your mind of clutter because everything in your head gets written down. After bullet journaling for a while, the fun part of going back and reflecting on all your memories.

How you choose to journal is a very individualized process. Feel free to refer to examples as a reference but do what works for you and create your own unique style.

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