fall fitness

Fall Fitness


Fall is officially here, which means that the holiday season is not that far behind. Surveys show that it’s around the holidays when people eat the most food; and with turkey, casseroles, and desserts galore, you can easily see why that is. Of course, all of that food—as delicious as it may be—can’t exactly be what’s best for your body. Instead of waiting to make it your New Year’s resolution to exercise more, why not start early? Besides, what better way to prepare yourself for the holiday feasts that await you than your own designed pre-game fitness program?

In fact, the fall season may be the best time to start a workout routine. It can get you started and help you stay motivated to continue exercising all through the new year.

Here are a few indoor and outdoor routines that can get you started and prepped for the holidays:

Outdoor Routines

Fall is a great time to start doing more workouts and exercises outdoors. The weather becomes more cool and breezier, so it’s much more enjoyable and refreshing. Start with a brisk walk or jog on your favorite trail, or bike around your neighborhood. These are all good options if you want to burn more calories—before you pack them on during the holidays.

Indoor Routines

Yeah, we know, football season and season premieres are at their prime and sitting at home in front of the TV with family and friends during fall and through the holidays is normal. However, start cutting the habit by being more active—while you’re watching TV. For example, during commercials, try doing some sit-ups or planks. A single commercial ranges between 30 seconds to a minute and a half, so these are good timers for how long you perform an exercise. When the program you’re watching comes back on, you could lift weights or run in place at the same time. An hour-long episode of a show can feature about 15 to 20 minutes of commercials, so realistically, you can actually get a 15 to 20-minute workout in, and that’s plenty of exercise if you’re consistent about it.

It takes about a month for a person to adjust to a new lifestyle change, so once you get started on a fitness routine, try to keep up with it for at least that much time. After that time period, you will find that exercising has never been easier. Before you know it, you’ll no longer need a New Year’s resolution to be more fit—you’ll already be there.

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