federal union leader fear the worst in 2016

Federal Union Leader Fear the Worst in 2016


Federal Union leaders fear a disaster on the horizon if the Republican party wins the 2016 Presidential election. Some speculation has spread about Bernie Sanders gathering union endorsements from independent political committees that Democrat voters find appealing. However, Hillary Clinton still has many union bosses securely in her favor. Many are starting to panic as Sanders grows in popularity and Clinton’s legal problems increase. Federal government workers’ unions are rushing to the former Secretary of State’s camp and predict an upcoming annihilation if their efforts fail.

The national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, J. David Cox, has stated that all voters need to understand the severity of the situation. The GOP candidates lean toward destroying not just federal unions, but all unions. His fear is that a GOP administration may make firing employees at the VA much easier. Republicans are concerned with wasting federal money on useless employees who misuse government equipment, rip off taxpayer’s money or sleep on the job. This is a major concern for the GOP and they want voters support. Union leaders feel this is not the majority of VA employees and will have a detrimental effect on the whole country.

More bad news, federal workers’ unions have needed to add more items to their political agenda. Besides managing firing practices, they hope Democrats can help them prevail on the issue of pay raises. Although Democrat lawmakers have encouraged federal employees to remain positive and stay committed with all of the GOP backlash, pay raises may end up minimal this year. Federal Union leaders plan to continue to fight hard and aggressively back up the Democrat presidential party.

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