Fight Allergies with Raw Honey


You have probably heard of the allergy-fighting effects of raw honey. Many people compare it to immunotherapy, the process of desensitizing yourself to a specific isolated allergen by injecting very small amounts of it into your body over time.

The thought that natural raw honey does the same is true, but not quite how you might think.

The Difference Between Immunotherapy and Raw Honey

The distinct difference between consuming raw honey for allergies and taking immunotherapy injections is that your doctor can isolate the exact allergen that you are allergic to and treat you for it. With honey, there is no way of telling exactly what kind of pollen and in what amount it contains.

So, for people with a specific allergy to things like grass pollen or tree pollen, raw honey probably won’t deliver that immunotherapy effect you’re looking for. Bees don’t forage for light dusty pollens from grass or trees.

How Raw Honey Can Help

The people who raw honey can help most are those that are widely allergic to a vast array of different pollens from flowers and weeds. It is important to purchase your honey raw from a local seller whose bees have been rustling around in all the flowers that you are allergic to. Some sellers even know right down to the specific pastures of flowers that they consume most.

Another way that raw honey can help is its raw healing powers. Pollen aside, honey can help bolster your immune system in amazing ways. Even for people with allergies to types of pollen that just won’t be included in the honey, honey can still help. Raw, organic honey is jam-packed with enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols, and antioxidants. It is extremely healthy for your immune system and can even help you with allergies.

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