five fall superfoods

Five Fall Superfoods


There’s nothing like a tasty set of superfoods to get you going during cold and flu season. These five fall foods can be found at your local grocery store all season, and are good to start including in your diet:

  1. Apples

When people say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” they’re not kidding. This fall fruit is packed with a powerful antioxidant right in its skin that can fight off disease. Apples also contain folate, calcium, and vitamin C, all of which promote a healthy immune system.

2.Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts contains more than half of the daily recommended dose of vitamin K. They are also a great source of iron. Brussels sprouts even have a large amount of vitamin C, so much they are almost in competition with oranges!


Kale is very high in vitamin K like its brussels sprouts counterpart. Kale also contains beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and can even help the body avoid certain types of cancers.


Don’t let their appearance intimidate you; pomegranates actually carry a healthy powerful punch.This less than popular fall fruit is packed with antioxidants that promotes a healthy heart and also lowers bad cholesterol. Similarly to apples, pomegranates are also a source of folate and vitamin C.

  1. Pumpkin

Last but not least, we can’t forget our favorite fall food, pumpkin. Pumpkins are extremely rich in potassium and are also a good source of vitamin A, B, and fiber. Because pumpkins are quite popular around this time of year, it’s easy to find recipes that contain this desirable superfood.

When you’re planning meals and recipes, try including some of these healthy superfoods to ensure a healthy body all through the season and beyond!

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