Fix Your Posture with These Small Exercises


By committing just three minutes each day you can fix posture issues. It only takes 3-minutes to perform the following exercises to fix posture. If you think about the amount of time many of us spent seated in front of a digital screen or at a desk, it is no surprise that just a few moves can do wonders for your posture. The only equipment you need to complete the following stretches is a bare wall and possibly a pillow.

Exercises to Fix Posture

The first step is to stand tall with your backside against a wall. Tuck your chin into your chest and rest your head on the wall. If you can’t touch the back of your head to the wall, place a pillow between the wall and your head. This will put you in the correct position.

These three simple exercises are easy to execute and feel good in the process. All three moves start in the beginning position with standing against the wall with your chin tucked down to your chest:

  • With palm-side down, flap your arms from your sides up to shoulder level. Repeat 10 times.
  • With palm-side down, lift your arms over your shoulders. Now, bend your elbows and place your hands on your ears. Repeat 10 times.
  • Reach forward and above your head with one head, then pull down, alternate with the opposite hand, like climbing a ladder. Repeat 10 times.

How to Fix Posture

Whether you receive the full benefit of these exercises or not depends on the state of your posture and how often you do them. But for those with a healthy spine who site at a desk all day, these moves can be a very helpful way to fix posture and alleviate achiness.

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