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Fitbit Tips, Tricks & Adjustments: Getting More from Your Tracker


When it comes to fitness trackers, Fitbit is the player that rules the markets worldwide. Fitbit has released loads of different models, and it seems that they have something to cater to everyone’s individual needs. If you are obsessed with fitness, then the Fitbit Surge or the Fitbit Charge HR is what you need.

On the other hand, if you are a tech-maniac, you will surely like the smart-watch-kind, Fitbit Blaze. It has the static tracking abilities, showing you all the details from your sweat sessions. Even if you take working out casually, the Fitbit Flex will come to your aid. It doesn’t matter what your workout ideals are, Fitbit has something to offer to everyone. And to get the most out of your tracker, here are a few tips.

Set it up

Fitbit is affected by the hand you put on your tracker. Additional movements of your dominant hand will have effects on your fitness charts. Therefore, for more accurate readings, it is suggested that you let your app know which hand you are putting it on.

Measure your stride

Fitbit has a way of calculating your stride or running stride length. If you happen to be doubtful about it, you can always measure it out yourself and feed it to your tracker.

Take your Fitbit to bed

When you have hit the milky-way and have drifted away from all the hustle and bustle of the world, your Fitbit will stay awake and track your sleeping period. Make sure that you put it on ‘sensitive’ mode, that way it can detect and record even the smallest movements you make.

Get alerted by your Fitbit

The Fitbit comes with an alarm system that vibrates violently. Use this feature to get up in the morning and to remind yourself that it’s time to drink water. But be careful, the vibrations and too many of those reminders will drain your battery of power.

The Fitbit is designed to stay on all the time, which is rather power-draining. If you are barring your Fitbit from doing this, turn off the all-day sync function. This function allows the Fitbit to consult the apps all the time. The Fitbit keeps track of the slightest movements, therefore, all you need is to connect it in the evening and you will get your updates on your day’s work.

For Cyclists

If you like to cycle more than running, then it is recommended that you download the Strava app. The Strava app will allow you to make courses or tracks that you can follow. Moreover, you can challenge other riders, set challenges on a monthly basis and can keep track of your statistics. Link it with your Fitbit, the Strava statistics can then merge with your Fitbit goals.

Keep track of what you eat

Fitbit is your trusted friend when it comes to staying healthy. Besides watching over you while you sleep, and tracking your steps, Fitbit also helps you to keep track of what you eat. Let’s face it, if you want to be healthy, then exercising isn’t the only thing that you need. You also need to closely monitor your calorie intake through food.

If you download the app MyFitnessPal on your phone, then it will consult your Fitbit, and as a result, you would be able to see the calories you have burned and as well as the number of calories that you have consumed.

Adjustments due to pregnancy & nursing

It could be that you weren’t pregnant the time you setup your Fitbit for the first time, but now you’re with child, then readjustments are required in your Fitbit. You should change your Fitbit status to motherhood, due to the fact that pregnant women or women who are nursing a child burn more calories and also need to consume more calories.

People who can see your Fitbit records

One of the nicest things about Fitbit is that you can connect with your friends and get their support, or you can even compete against them. It’s very motivating to find out that you are only 200 steps away from your friends, and then heading out to workout with renewed excitement to beat your friend. It is bound to push you further, therefore, it is recommended that you connect with your friends’ Fitbit profiles.

Push yourself even higher

If you are determined to be really fit and to stay fit, then take the stairs rather than the elevator, set Floors Climbed as your primary goal. The Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, Surge, One, and Blaze; all have a built-in altimeter. These Fitbits have the power to measure your altitude and then calculate the number of stairs that you have climbed.

Climbing the stairs one of the best exercises that you can do to stay fit. It actually burns more calories than running on the horizontal ground.

Know the time without touching anything

One thing that has nothing to do with your fitness is the way you can view the time on your Fitbit Surge, Charge and Charge HR. Suppose you are in the middle of an intense workout, and pressing the button on your wristband is just too inconvenient. All you need to do is turn your wrist towards you. This feature is called Quick View.

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