Get Yourself Motivated and Jump Into the Best Shape of Your Life!

Get Yourself Motivated and Jump Into the Best Shape of Your Life!


It doesn’t matter who you are, people are bound to feel unmotivated at times. It is indeed very natural to feel reluctant about getting up from a cozy comfort and then at the snap of a finger taking long powerful strides on a track. Maybe you have pulled a beastly workout session the other day, and the satisfaction is yet to waver.

It could also be that you have always taken working out casually, and your habit has somewhat been pushed into the darkness because something more pressing had surfaced. Let’s not just lose hope yet, there’s always time to turn around when it comes to working out. In fact, the road to success is paved with small, lazy steps.

Keep Your Workout Gears Before Your Eyes

When you wake up in the morning, you want the first things to see to be your running shoes and your workout clothes. Working out will then automatically make it to the top of your list of priorities. This is how the brain works, it takes visual cues and reminds us of what must be dealt with more importance.

If you are concerned that putting the gears might ruin your home decorations, then think of one or two primary locations where you go the first thing in the morning. It could be the balcony, where you go for a breath of fresh air every morning. Or, you might also put your gears somewhere around the washroom. If you are into lifting weights, then put your dumbbells near the television or the telephone.

Turn Your Daily Commuting into a Workout Session

Wherever you go, try to go there by walking, running or cycling. Even if you are commuting to your office, put all your corporate world stuff in a fanny pack and start running. This way exercise becomes time-efficient and you don’t need to separate an hour of your day to workout. This way you also don’t feel like you are too busy to workout.

However, if you commute to work daily, you can always park your car a mile away from your workstation, then you can cover the distance by speed walking. Or, you can keep your fuel-guzzling car at home and cycle to work. That’s just killing two birds with one stone- you burn calories and not any fossil fuel.

Get a Friend to Tag Along with You

When you are working out with a friend, you are not only exercising but at the same time, you are also getting your daily dosage of social bonding. Plus, the workout doesn’t feel boring or too much hard work when you have a friend to steal one or two laughs every now and then.

Invest More on Your Workout Clothes

A lot of times people cannot find the motivation to go for their workout sessions, they have to force them to it. While getting dressed they discover that the only workout attire they have is dirty, sticky and smelly from the last workout session. It’s possible to lose what little motivation they had, the excuse being dirty clothes. Just so that you don’t trick yourself in any way, it is better to invest in your workout clothes.

Keep a Training Log

For every time you work out, enter the details of your sweat session into a log. It doesn’t matter if you had been lazing around the entire time or you had been working out like a beast, put everything in the diary. No one likes to put bad reviews of themselves, you would have to somewhat force yourself to write one. When you put your exercising data, automatically there would be an inclination to work out harder, only so that you can put better reviews of yourself.

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