How to Practice Self Care


Anyone who wants to live a healthy, happy, and sustainable life, must practice good self care. This simply means taking good care of yourself mentally as well as physically. Some of the things we are going to suggest to you in this article are there to help you relieve your stress and get yourself active in a way that is enjoyable.

Simplify Your Schedule

A cluttered schedule is a huge contributor to stress. Try not to schedule something for every day and night of the week. Take some time for just yourself and your family without any guests or work in the way. This will help you to reduce some of your stress and help strengthen your family bond.

Practice Enjoyable Exercise

Find something that you like, swimming, cycling, hiking, these are all examples of exercise that can be enjoyable and can even become a relaxing hobby.

Take a Long Warm Bath

There is simply nothing like taking a nice long warm bath. Fill the tub as high as it goes with hot water, light some candles, maybe even throw in some lavender essential oils or a bath bomb that you like. Relaxing in this way can relieve tension in your muscles, and if you are determined to keep stressful thoughts away during your bath, it can be even more relaxing.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk is a good way to see your neighborhood at your own pace, get some fresh air, and some much needed sunlight. All of these things are pieces of good self care.

Enjoy a Piece of Chocolate and a Glass of Wine

If you like wine and chocolate, enjoy them together. A sweet dessert wine like a port accompanied with some dark chocolate is a way to treat yourself and keep yourself happy.

Take a Nap

This one goes without explaining, everyone could use a good nap every now and then. Try to keep it under 20 minutes.

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