how to reduce anxiety

How to Reduce Anxiety


Anxiety is common if you’re constantly under stress or if you often find yourself in stressful environments, especially at work. It’s easy to mix up the definitions of anxiety and stress, when realistically they’re actually different. Stress is the mental state of being pressured or tense, while anxiety is a feeling of worry or unease about a certain event or outcome. Although anxiety often starts as an emotion, it can often produce physical effects on your body. Symptoms of anxiety may include an increased heart rate, hyperventilation, feeling weak or tired, and more. If you feel like anxiety is starting to get the best of you, here are some ways to relieve it:

Get a Proper Amount of Sleep

It is recommended for adults to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night in order to fully function during the day. Any less, and your body will immediately begin feeling the consequences. It’s okay if you need to stay up every now and then, but try to consistently get within this range during the work week so your mind and body have time to rest.

Eat Healthy

What you put into your body can also affect your mind, too. Eating foods rich in vitamin B, omega-3’s, and whole-grain carbs promotes good mental health, and could actually reduce any symptoms of anxiety as well as depression.

Distract Yourself

This could include a variety of things, from meditation, actively participating in your favorite hobby, or even laughing. Do anything that takes your mind away from the cause of your stress and anxiety, and it won’t have as strongly as an effect.

Think Positively

Finally, if you want to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you undergo, the most immediate thing you can do is think more positively. Instead of insisting to yourself that something might not work out, think of all of the good outcomes that can come out of it. Anytime you consider a negative thought, replace it with something more positive, because a positive attitude goes a long way.

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