New Bill Could Make Transition from Retired Military Personnel to Civilian Positions Easier


In 2016, a policy change was enacted that restricted the hiring of recently retired military personnel into civilian positions within the same department. However, during the annual DoD authorization bill, will largely reverse this policy.

Given limited exceptions that will continue to apply during this change, DoD may not hire newly retirees within 180 days of their retirements. Before the changes enacted two years ago, there was still heavy exceptions for “national emergency” situation in which the fresh retirees would not be given jobs right away. The Senate found issue with this exception, out of concern that it was possibly overused ad titled employment opportunities of other individuals. The House then consented to that appeal, concurring with the Senate.

There is now a new bill being readied for a vote in the House Armed Services Committee that would create an entirely new exception. All of this would be held at the department’s discretion, allowing them to determine that the military retiree that is highly qualified or if the need to fill the position makes going through standard hiring procedures “not appropriate or reasonable.”

This measure would also have an effect on the authority to waive limits on premium pay and annual compensation for employees working overseas in potentially dangerous situations.

There are other proposals in the works as well. These other proposals would potentially reduce, eliminate, or consolidate more than 24 “fourth estate” DoD agencies outside the military services. This could even include assigning a single individual to oversee them with a goal of 25 percent reduction in the foreseeable two years.

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