Not Your Abuela’s Meal: Minor Changes for Major Health Impact


Your grandmother may not realize it yet, but constantly treating you to your same favorites every day is not necessarily a good thing. While you may think there is no harm in consuming the same healthy favorite meals, the truth remains that without variety, you run severe health risks. Thus, it is time for you to consider some minor changes to your diet so you can make a major impact on your health.

  • Drink 3 Liters of Lemon Water Everyday Water is the other name for life, we all know that. But how many of us know that lemon water can speed up the body’s metabolism? According to fitness experts, consuming lemon water daily increases metabolism to over 30%, which means that at least 100 calories are naturally burned by the body. Additionally, lemon can remove toxic elements from the liver and help metabolize fatty particles more effectively. Not just lemons, you can prepare your own detox water at home by adding ingredients such as slices of citrus fruits, green tea, or refreshing cucumber pieces. These ingredients are going to speed up the disposal of toxins from your body and help you control weight.
  • Eat Just a Little Less It’s not your fault that you get hungry after a tiring day at work. But instead of your normal amount of consumption, you can simply opt to eat less than your usual intake. While this does not affect the quality of your meal or cause a drastic change in your daily diet, it does reduce the amount of harmful substances you would otherwise consume. Even doing that much will help your health for the better. Consider eating protein rich, wholegrain foods instead of plain carbohydrates. These are going to help you remain full for long, keeping your appetite and weight in check. Use a meal planning app or a diary to keep track of your daily food intake, as it makes you aware of how much you have eaten and how much more you need.
  • A Salad A Day Vegetables, especially when mashed in a bowl of delicious goodness, can never go wrong. Many people nowadays face health issues because they do not eat enough greens. Thus, having a salad everyday is a remedy for that bad habit. Intake of lean protein, i.e. not from fishes or meat, but instead avocados, nuts and spinach, can greatly impact your health. Instead of snacking every hour or so with unhealthy foods, make salads your new comfort food by adding in your favorite fruits and vegetables. Get creative with the presentation and dressing of your salad, have fun with it and eat healthier in the process.
  • Consider Protein Smoothies Salads may not be enough sometimes. No matter how distasteful they may seem at first, protein smoothies made of green vegetables is an excellent way to stay healthy. If greens are not your thing, you can juice carrots, pears, cucumber, and so much more. When you develop a taste for them there is absolutely no going back! What is best here is that drinking these smoothies will reduce your craving for sugar, since these fruits tend to be naturally sweet.
  • Probiotics Who would have guessed that bacteria can actually do wonders for your health? Probiotic foods are those that contain some natural strains of healthy bacteria. This is due to the fact that probiotic foods are usually made from the process of fermentation in one way or the other. These good bacteria contribute to the wellbeing of your digestive tract and hence your entire digestive system. Foods such as yogurt, Gouda cheese, kimchi, fermented cod liver oil, etc. are excellent sources of good bacteria. If you face digestion problems frequently, probiotics can be of immense help.

With these little changes in your food habit, you will soon enjoy a better physique, better health and an overall sense of wellness in you.

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