preparing for new leadership

Preparing for New Leadership


The presidential election season is all about candidates going around telling others why they should vote for them. Perhaps the one group of people whom this will affect the most are the federal employees, which is just what this article explores. On the side of the Democratic party, its two contenders, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have much to promise, while the Republican candidates haven’t backed down either, as Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio have been pining just as much as the democrats for the public’s support.

Here are some things that will happen to federal government employees if the presidential candidates win:

  • Bernie Sanders: Sanders promises to promote federal employees more than other candidates. He mainly plans to fight against the inequality of income. He wants to provide more support and money to the Veteran Affairs department, which includes building more facilities and hiring more people.
  • Hillary Clinton: She recognizes and appreciates the work that federal employees do, and so, she is in favor of retaining a skilled workforce of federal employees. She also promises paid parental leave for all federal employees.
  • Ted Cruz: Unlike the Democrats, Cruz wants to decrease the budget for the federal government. He plans on doing this by getting rid of 5 agencies in the federal cabinet level, and then he plans to eliminate 25 other agencies. He would also prevent the hiring of more employees into the federal agency. He says that the federal agency just adds to the debts of the country, which is currently larger than the entire American economy, and that it should be eliminated.
  • Donald Trump: He says that he will reduce healthcare benefits as well as pension for the members of Congress. He would also get rid of the EPA as well as the Department of Education. Furthermore, he proposes to attack the deficit and debt of the country by getting rid of fraud, abuse, and waste in the federal government.
  • Marco Rubio: He plans on giving access to savings plans to those workers in the private sector that don’t have it. He also plans on reducing the size of the federal government, particularly the Veteran Affairs department.

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