Revitalize Your Spirit


So many of us can agree that the routine of life can get us down sometimes. Sticking to a schedule, always having somewhere to go or something to do can have us feeling a little robotic at times. Having less time for ourselves can be detrimental to our mental health, physical health, and just overall sense of well-being. The goal of this article is to bring you back to center and remind you of what is most important in life: you!

1. Start with a stretch. If you wake and are preparing yourself for another fast-paced day, why not include stretching in your regimen. You can even begin awakening your body with a few moves that you can even do without getting out of bed. Follow up with a few deep breaths to clear the bind and get rid of tension.
2. Socialize your schedule. In the little missing spots in your schedule, make some time to connect with the loved ones in your life. Schedule a lunch with some friends, call your favorite aunt! These connections will make you feel better about carrying on with the rest of your day.
3. Use good scents. Soaps, lotions, or gels with great smells can often evoke positive feelings. Keep a small bottle of your favorites close by and use it any time you need a pick me up.
4. Turn up the volume. Music does wonders for your mood. If you’re feeling down, the normal thing some would do is play music that reflects their mood. The best course of action though is to play music to coerce a mood that may be desired.
5. Drink up. Hydration plays a major factor in maintaining a healthy energy level. Add some fun flavors or fruits to your water to liven up the taste.
6. Brighten your day. Surrounding yourself with vibrant colors or natural light will have an amazing effect on your mood as well.

Be sure to remember that you can’t care for others before you care for yourself. These tips are to help you focus on yourself and have you feeling better about yourself and your decisions.

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