Spring Cleaning for the Mind


Spring has officially sprung! With the returning smells of fresh flowers and dewy rain comes the stress of spring cleaning. Many families invest their time in cleaning their homes and yards for the busy summer months ahead. Why not take the extra time and effort to “spring clean” your mind as well? Mental cleaning can provide an individual with many needed benefits. To learn a few spring cleaning tips for mental health, continue reading on.

  • Write it all down. Lists are a helpful way to remember things we need to do in our busy and sometimes stressful lives. Along with this, we can create lists that help to declutter our busy thinking minds and slow down. There are a variety of prompts that are easy to find on the internet. A few suggestions are making a gratitude list, a list of past and present goals, an irritation list to eliminate negative things in your life, or simply just writing what easily comes to mind.
  • Build positivity around you. We are constantly bombarded with negative images and speech in our lives. This mostly comes from the things we choose to watch. Spending your time watching too much negative news can easily dampen your day. Find some articles or positive channels that can encourage you. Be selective about who you surround yourself with. Try to keep the positivity flowing around you!
  • Get a good night’s rest. Don’t underestimate the power of resting your mind and body. This is an easy and effective way of clearing the mind. Depriving your mind and body of sleep can lead to negative thinking and even brain damage. You deserve a refreshing break each night to help begin a successful new day.

Take a few minutes out of your day to take care of your mental health!

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