Cutting Your Daily Schedule Down to Size

Too Busy: Cutting Your Daily Schedule Down to Size


In today’s life, it seems as though it is mandatory to be busy. Either you are busy or you are out of the race. What is the reason for this? Let me try and give you an example. You already know the name of Neil Armstrong, who was the first person that landed on moon. But, how many of you know the name of the second person that landed on moon?

Nobody remembers the person who comes second. If that was the case, more people would remember Buzz Aldrin’s name as much as Neil Armstrong’s. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because we naturally remember people who are successful. That being said, you shouldn’t let yourself get too caught up in the race of life. There is more to life than the superficial aspects that come with it.

For instance, many parents are barely able to find time to spend with their children. Parents, whose life revolves around their children, who spent their lives for the betterment of their children, are deprived from spending some time with them because even children are too busy to spend time with their parents now, as they all have responsibilities of their own. Many times it may also seem as though the household is separated, while the people within the same house barely communicate with each other. However, there are ways with which this chaos can be controlled and natural order restored. Here are some tips that you can use to do so.

Spending time with the children: You need to be able to find time in your schedule for your children. To start off, you could look over your kids’ schedules (without consulting yours) and see how much time they’re spending outside of school. Once that is done, look over your calendar and look over your plans. Make whatever adjustments are necessary to ensure that you can spend more time with them. Studies suggest that children who don’t get time from their parents have a greater chance of suffering from depression or going astray. After all, parents are the best institution for their children.

Stress the importance of having dinner together: Mealtime is perhaps the only time a family can come together in many cases. This will have a good impact on your adolescents and will even allow you to spend some quality time with your family. Many people don’t stress on this much. One must remember that a family should be a family not only by name but also by its characteristics. It is a great time to bond with your children and spouse at the same time.

Decrease personal commitments: Instead of focusing solely on work, save some time for your family. If that coworker of yours wants to dump yet another time consuming task on you, politely decline and use that time to spend with your family instead. We must remember that earning money is important but money is definitely not everything. The best memories you create isn’t one that can be bought, which is why it is extremely important that you take time out of your busy schedule to spend with your loved ones. Now those would be some memories worth treasuring.

Develop family routines: Come up with a weekly routine in which the whole family will come together for an activity. Go through your children’s schedules with them and come up with a routine every week that they will be able to rely on. This will allow you to strengthen your bonds with your children, and it will remind them that you’re always there for them no matter how busy you might be.

Leave room for adjustments: Having an extremely rigid schedule saps the fun out of it. Instead, leave gaps between event for new things, perhaps, or to switch your current event out with something else. You never know what happens, which is why you should always leave room for adjustments.

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