why is it important to vote

Why is it Important to Vote?


In light of this year’s national election for the next leader of our country, one of the most popular trendsyou’ll find is the increase of registered voters. There may be some of you out there who may not be as inclined to vote, for a lot of valid reasons. However, there are also plenty of good reasons why you should vote. Here are a couple of reasons why it is important to vote:

There’s More than the Presidency at Stake

Voting during election season doesn’t mean you’re just voting for who’s going to be the next president. How much a president is capable of doing entirely depends on how much of their party controls the Senate or the House. While the main ballot may be the two presidential candidates, you’ll find that you can also vote for who sits in the House of Representatives. These individuals have a considerable weight on every decision the president makes.

In addition, you can also vote at the local level instead of just national. As a citizen of your town, you can help shape the decisions on issues that can directly make a difference for you, like issues on public school control or reproductive rights.

Votes are Representative

Your vote essentially represents your voice. With your vote, you can choose who you think will best make the changes you want to see in the country. You have power to affect the decision of who gets to be responsible in overseeing the issues and laws that affect you, be it on the local or national level.

In conclusion, by voting, you’re affecting the ultimate decision: who is going to represent you and the changes you want to see at home, and across the country. Voting is a right that Americans fought for hundreds of years and won, and it is something that other countries are unfortunately still fighting for. It’s good to take advantage of that.

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